What is Rocket Mortgage Detroit Demo Day?
Rocket Mortgage Detroit Demo Day is a pitch competition where small businesses and startups compete for a share of over $1 Million dollars in funding.
Who can pitch at Detroit Demo Day?
Any startup or small business that meets the Detroit Demo Day eligibility requirements.
Is there an application deadline?
Yes, the deadline to apply for Detroit Demo Day 2021 is, June 18th, 11:59 pm EST.
How many companies pitch at Detroit Demo Day?
15 companies will pitch at Detroit Demo Day.
What are the prizes?
Prizes come in various forms and will depend on your business and it's needs. They will include grants, interest-free loans, and convertible notes. For more information, visit Awards.
Will I get help to prepare for Detroit Demo Day?
Yes, if selected as a finalist we will help you prepare with pitch practice sessions.
What is expected of me if I get selected for Detroit Demo Day?
You must utilize the funding in an agreed upon manner and time frame. You must also send regular reports on the status of your business and use of funds. For more information, visit the Expectations of Winners.
Can non-profits apply?
No, only for-profit businesses can apply.
What kind of businesses are you looking for?
We aren't looking for specific types of companies or industries. However, we require companies to have a product or service that is available for sale.
Are awards taxable?
Yes. Please speak to your accountant for more details.
I have two businesses, can I apply with both?
Yes, you will be able to submit two separate applications.