What is Detroit Demo Day?

Detroit Demo Day will be a one-day event Thursday, May 25, 2017 showcasing the 20 best companies located, or willing to be located in Detroit, competing for capital investments totaling over $1M.

Who can pitch at demo day?

Generally, any startup or small business already to market or ready to test traction. For more information visit Eligibility.  

Is there an application deadline?

Yes, the deadline to apply is April 14 at 11:59pm EDT

Who can attend demo day?
 Anybody, as long as you have a ticket. Free tickets can obtained here.

How many companies will be invited to demo day?

Twenty companies will participate at Detroit Demo Day, of which, ten will pitch on stage for a few minutes minutes to a panel of judges and ten will demo in the Demo Pit.

Does it cost anything to pitch at demo day?

No, the twenty companies selected to pitch or demo will have the opportunity to receive funding.

How are the funds allocated within the twenty companies?

$1M will be allocated across the top four companies from both the pitch and demo categories. See example:

What is expected of me if I get selected for demo day?

Applicants selected to pitch at Detroit Demo Day are expected to:

  • Travel to and present at Detroit Demo Day on the designated day and times

  • Practice their pitch or demo in front of our Judges

  • Stay throughout the day's events to engage with attendees and investors

  • Utilize the funding in the pre-agreed upon manner and time frame

  • Send reports on the status of their business and use of funds

Can non-profits apply?
No, only for-profit businesses can apply.

What kind of businesses are you looking for?

We’re not looking for a specific type of business or stage. Instead, we’re looking for businesses with a product or service ready for sales and have an ambition to scale.  For more information visit Eligibility

My business is already funded or part of a startup program, can I still apply?
Yes, you will just have to disclose that to us.

Are awards taxable?

Recipients of awards will be responsible for all taxes.  Please consult with a tax advisor regarding the tax treatment of any awards received at Detroit Demo Day.

I have two businesses, can I apply with both?
Yes, you will just have to submit two separate applications.