All applications must be submitted via our online application. Applicants must provide a comprehensive and concise understanding of their business and market.

Twenty companies will participate at Quicken Loans Detroit Demo Day, of which, ten will pitch on stage for a few minutes to a panel of judges and ten will demo in the Demo Pit. The top four companies across each category will receive capital between $50,000 and $200,000 by way of an interest free debt instrument, with repayment of five equal installments over five years after a one-year payment free holiday. The selection process to attend demo day is divided into two rounds:

Round One: April 3 - April 14

Open to all eligible applicants who complete a simple application form that will introduce you and your business to our judges. Responses should be clear and concise. Round One will be reviewed internally by the Detroit Demo Day team.

Deadline:  April 14 at 11:59pm EDT

Round Two: April 20 - April 27

One hundred applicants from Round One will advance to Round Two. Applicants in Round Two will be asked to provide a more comprehensive understanding of their business and market; to be judged by 10 Detroit-based business leaders.

Deadline: (only applicable to those selected in Round One):  April 27 at 11:59pm EDT

Detroit Demo Day: May 25, 2017

The twenty companies selected by Round Two judges will participate at Demo Day. The awarded capital investments into the eight winning companies will be determined by the Detroit Demo Day panel of judges.


Applications will be narrowed based upon the following criteria:

The best teams have the necessary skill sets and experiences to execute their business plan.

Viability and potential a company has to achieve its goal with use of the funds.

What makes a company different from the competition and  great at what they do.

The ability to grow, create jobs, and have positive return investments.